Open letter to the Fanterns

I’m reading a lot of negative backlash from Fanterns against YJ fans who blame them for the show’s loss of viewers. Guys, have you considered that those were Fanterns who didn’t take “Loss” all that kindly? This actually happens on any TV show: a shocking twist involving the loss of a beloved character results in fans not tuning in next week. That doesn’t mean they won’t get over it and resume viewership on the following.

Blaming the YJ fans is a bit petty, if you don’t mind me saying. Does everyone really think that those 14,000 viewers were YJ fans who watched the show last week but for no reason at all didn’t watch it this weekend? Why? Especially on the day of the campaign of all days. Come on, if you saw the Twitter campaign, you should know that the people tweeting during YJ had also tweeted during GL.

Let’s not lose focus here, people. Ratings is only one facet of our cause. If Cartoon Network really cared that much about ratings then they would have renew both shows in the first place.

What we need to do is keep protesting. Keep sending letters, blue roses, domino masks, bottles of Reach, buying merchandise, etc. Stuff their mail box until we get a satisfying reply.

Pointing fingers leads us nowhere.

And the same goes to the YJ Fans, should the opposite happen this weekend.

Stay strong. Stick together. Symbiosi!

Another submission~

Agreed, well need to stick together, and not put blame on each other. Lets positively encourage, not attack. #Symbiosi

Posted by Suzie 5 February 43


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    Bottom line: More shameless robot porn and crossovers. Because I just can’t help myself.
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    It looks like YJ will hit 46 episodes (a few ep. short of 52-3) and GL 26 (full 2 seasons) like idk the hiatus(ES)...
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    I don’t quite know what’s going on but I saw Bruno/WoF mentioned and that’s an easy Saku summon right there. Hi.
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    #maybe i’ll find a way to work it into my bruno and wof make robin baxter universe SFFFFFFF NOW YOU BETTER-
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    God can’t we all just be freinds, we shouldn’t blame each other. Seriously, i thank YJ. Becuase if i never knew what YJ...
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    Except that the YJ fandom has a history of ignoring GLTAS? Look, yeah, I’m sure that there were Fanterns (or at least...
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